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Visual of the brainstorming process of the Villeage brand and logo

About Us

Villeage Esports & Entertainment is all about connecting individuals who share a passion for gaming!

Villeage is a hub for competitive amateur gamers and entertainment lovers. We envision Esports as an avenue for Digital Equity and Development opportunities and we're dedicated to cultivating a space that develops talent and community in the industry. 

We host events, capture original content, and are working to shift the understanding of what Esports and Entertainment can accomplish for our communities!

Interested in Esports Events?

Our inception was with the end goal of hosting Amateur Esports Tournaments, and have the opportunity to have the 1v1 and co-op competitions that we grew up having on the couch.

We are actively looking for partners to help us make this dream a reality. Please reach out to us if you are interested in being a part of putting together an amateur gaming tournament made by and for Players of Color!

Join a Gaming Community Made for You

Villeage centers around competing, connecting and celebrating our shared love for Esports and Entertainment.






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