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About Us

Our "Why"

Our Goal

In the Esports industry, POC (Players of Color) are severely underrepresented, and amateur gamers are often looking for a community to compete and connect with gamers like them. We are the space dedicated to cultivating the development a community for Players of Color, by Players of Color.

Game. Entertain. Connect.

Never exclusive, always inclusive. Working with intentionality to create a safe space for the development and appreciation of Black and Brown gamers and entertainment lovers, while simultaneously having a diverse membership from around the world.

Our Team

Game. Entertain. Connect.

Our team at Villeage, 100% Black, Latino, LGBTQ+, and military-owned, consists of everyday gamers passionate about the world of entertainment. Our intersectionality allows us to better understand and serve the needs of our diverse communities.

Don't hesitate to reach out!

The Data

Esports offers the unique opportunity for players to interact with people from around the world who are from different backgrounds, and play the games they love recreationally or professionally.

Unfortunately, in Esports and the video game industry there is a toxic culture that is all too complacent when it comes to equity and inclusion. Below are data points to show that this is a problem worth addressing, and it is what we aim to solve through a community gaming experience for all Players of Color and lovers of entertainment. 

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